A Detailed Insight to the Maltipoo Dogs Breed, Their Traits and Tips to Raise Them

There are hundreds of different dog breeds found in different parts of the world. Some are unique to certain regions and they canít be found anywhere else. The advancements made in cross-breeding has opened up a world of opportunities for dog lovers as new breeds can be produced and we can enjoy dogs with varying natures.

Of late, the Maltipoo dogs breed has become extremely popular with canine enthusiasts and more number of people are showing interest in having this dog as their pet. From the sound of the name, you can make a vague guess that this is a hybrid dog breed. The name Maltipoo is a combination of the first letters taken from Maltese and Poodle which happen to be two of the most famous dog breeds the world has known.

Maltipoo dogs are available in a wide range of colors. Some of the common colors are black, white, gray and a mixture of black and white. These dogs are highly adaptable and they are Continue reading…


Read These Pointer Now For An Additional Trained Pet dog

You could have thought you were visiting be bringing a nice tranquil pet dog to your house, though in reality your canine is more like an untamed, hyper pet! Do not despair. With some persistence, and a little training, your rowdy pooch can be a lot better acted in no time at all.

A lot of owners get discouraged when their pet dog is not recognizing a fundamental command. Believing like a canine can make it simpler for you to do just what is needed to educate him.

When feeding your pet, constantly anticipate the pet dog to be in a tranquil state and all set Continue reading…


Maltipoo Dogs

History – Maltipoo


Maltipoo is a crossbreed between a Maltese and a poodle hence the name. The dog was conceived from the desire to have a dog suitable for people who were allergic to saliva or fur often shed by dogs. The two breeds were therefore chosen as they shed very little fur which could trigger allergic reactions in some people. It is considered to a designer dog. This is a dog that is purposely bred from two known types of dog breeds. Continue reading…